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thank you too for letting me add you too..

im an arashi fan too and a super matsujun lover..thank you so much


im a kinda newbie in vox so im looking forward for people who love arashi too.



your welcome ^^
i'm glad that i'm meeting new friends here @ vox..especially my co-Arashian fans~

yoroshiku~!! ^^



i'm Haruka, nice to meet you^^ (yes, pure japanese)

I was commenting on minamichan003's YouTube page and saw your account...:) then found out you had a VOX too! XD

umm...where should i get started...

oh! i'm a HUGE Arashi fan!!!!! lol my ichiban is Jun.

i hope you add me as your friend♥ (my YouTube is Ledasfriend(^__^)v)


Nice to meet you ne'
I love arashi and my ichiban is Kazunari >___<

Yoroshiku ne'


hajime mashite... ^_^
Camille desu..anata wa? ^_^
nice to meet you...
i'm camille.. and you? ^_^

as you see..i have 2 ichibans xD
MatsuMiya... ^_^


Hi!!! more arashi fans to meet! yoroshiku~

My ichiban is Jun, i'm still not sure who my niban and others -ban xD in arashi are. first was nino but now i'm not sure! is very difficult. but i love matsumiya, well i love all the arashi pairings.


hi:) namae wa? what's ur name? ^^
My name is Camille:)

haha right~ me too.. sometimes i'm more on Jun, sometimes, Niichan, sometimes, Oh-chan~ Sho or Aiba~
their individual attitudes attract mexDD


my name is Marisol.

Yes, the problem is that the 5 of them are the best! and is very difficult to choose one, in case i had already fall from Jun, i'm part of the jun bait power! xDDDD so i just stick to Jun but some others know jun first but then change their ichibans.


Marisol-chan :3
mostly Arashi fans... are into Jun bait first
then transfer to Nino, Oh-chan, Aiba or Sho? lolxD


you can call me just mary o mary-chan, it sounds better ^^


okay~ i'll call you mary-chan.. :D


i'm a huge arashi fan and i love aiba-chan
i added you to my neighborhood^^
yoroshiku ne^^


Camille desu~ namae wa? ^^
thanks for adding~ i've added you back~
ne~ i know you already who's my ichiban ne~ hehe if you've read this post =]


Mya desu~
Thank you for added me back,, I'm new at vox, but i'm so happy i can meet many fans of arashi,,
I hope we can sharing information about them, ne~ XD
Btw,, my ichiban is sho-kun,, and i know arashi because ur ichiban,, *jun's bait* haha,, ^^


lolxD.. i'm not that into jun bait..
demo i admit i am a jun bait xD

your welcome ^_^
by the way..
hajimemashite~ Camille desu~ ^^
can i call you mya-chan? ^_^
wow.. so i guess you're busy with his upcoming drama.. yatterman right? ^^


off course you can,, XDD
Then i'll call you camille-chan, ne~ ^^

Haha,, you're right,, I'm definitely waiting for his movie,, wondering how he act when become a hero,, And those costume plus his blondie hair,, haha,, really made me can't wait to watch it,,
By the way, i looooove jun's new CM (Pepsi Nex),, He's so cute when he whispered 'merry xmas",, XDD


hehe ^_^

me too ^^
i also love that part.. sigh.. gomen not feeling well today.. and the reason is... just check my latest post.. the "sigh..bad day=[" post =*(


nice to meet you!!
I'm wisdom.
I'm ARASHI fangirl.
I wanna be your good friend.
and add you.
p.s ichiban member is Jun-kun.



Hi Wisdom :)
Camille desu~!

hehe.. yoroshiku onegaishimasu *bows*
another junbait ne? ^_^


hi camille! atashi wa ina desu! ^^..i`m also a junbait,just like you XDD..he is totally irresistible ne?^_^ i`m from malaysia & still catching up with those arashi stuffs..yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^^ *bows*


hajimemashite, Ina ^_^

can i call you ina-chan ^_^

by the way~ Camille desu~ yoroshiku! ^^
haha.. i'm a matsumiya bait? xD but jun and nino ^_^

oh from malaysia ^^
i'm from the philippines~

hope the SEA Arashi concert will come true ^_^


hai! ya,i hope that the SEA Arashi Concert will come true..but they want 5,000 votes for the sake of bringing them to make live concerts in Malaysia..btw,merry christmas! ^_^..i know it`s totally late :D but i was having fever (up until now) & the server was too bad..happy new year to you too!  XDD


oh.. i see.. but i think we can have even more than 5000 votes if it just need votes..right? the news is spread out to the fans who live in SEA... ^_^


eh.. doushite? hope you will be well soon ^_^

let Arashi cure your fever ^^


gomen! i was having connection failure for the past few days! *bows*.. i`m not sure about that, but i`ll hope that this gonna come true! ^^

spread around SEA?really?woah,i`ve never thought it`s going to be spread so fast! XD

yeah!,my fever has cured & gonna continues catching up with their stuffs! yosh!! ^^


it's okay ne~ you dont have to apologize.. it happens to me also ^^"

hehe yeah~ :D because there are many Arashians at SEA ^_^

hontou? yukatta ne~ :)

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