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mari sho

.. oh ..thanks for the reply ..

it's a little difficult because of the language and kanji ..

wow ...

your a fan of ??


I understand ne~
Esp kanji is Chinese characters.

I'm  a fan of Arashi.


Hi, im meg from the Philippines

Ohno- Piggy (he's actually my super ichiban juz never mind my Sho pix. lol)

Sho- Yummy

Aiba- kakko-kawaii

Jun- eyebrows

Nino- brat

> I love them all but u know ever fan has a ranking


Hi Meg :)
I'm Camille from Philippines, too~

Thanks for the add ne~

Hai~ But for I am always confused so I have 2 ichiban(s) xD


yaah, ur also a Filipino.....

Salamat sa add! :))

LOL, we share the same confusion..i have 3 ichiban, seriiously...OhxShoxAiba...but i just decided to put ohno as my super uno and sometimes Aiba coz they need moooore love.


Your welcome :)

hehe xD you're right~ more love ne :)


Hi~ i added you to my neighborhood~
i'm really huge fan of arashi!! i'm from South Korea
Call me Hasu, Yoroshiku!


Hi Hasu!! ^_^
I'm Camille from Philippines~

How are you?
May I know how do you describe each Arashi members? :)


hi! im Nessie :]from Philippines.my ichiban is NINO....

Nino- kawaii ♥ohno-  artist :]sho- kakkoiiaiba- bakajun- domyouji

yoroshiku :]


Hi Nessie :)
I'm Camz from the same country~

Yoroshiku ne!~


thanks.... marami talagng Arashi fan na pilipino.. :]

Pei Sze

Hi! I'm Pei Sze from Singapore.I just joined vox yesterday.I hope you can add me as your neighbour

Sho - smart

Ohno - talented

Aibo - funny

Nino - direct

Jun - kakoii (my ichiban)


Hi Pei Sze! <3
I'm Camz from Philippines~!

Yoroshiku ne <3

Pei Sze

Thanks Camz.


1) What name do you want me to call you? Yuh
2) Where are you from? Brazil
3) Describe each Arashi member in one word.
Nino: Magic
Jun: Kakkoi
Sho: Smart
Ohno: Fish
Aiba: Baka
I'm the same Yuh from LJ! ^^


well..u can call me ti
i come from Malaysia
sho: funny and hensem
aiba: pervert (sometime)
ohno: handsome and look young than his age
matsumoto jun:erm....always change hairstyle??
nino: short..(joke)..well he look like zebra queen (don't remmber her name...)

Hương KuA

add me plz...

i'm from Vietnam, call me Kua....

Describe each Arashi member in one word.

Ohno: good leader

Sho: smart

Aiba: Baka

Nino: talent

Jun: My ichiban :P




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